Monday, May 27, 2013

Saura: Did you know?

  • Sauras, Saoras, Savaras or even Sabris as they are called, find a mention in the Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. Jara Savara is said to have killed Krishna with his arrow, in Mahabharata. 
  • Ekalavya of Mahabharata fame, immortalized for his devotion to his guru and for imbibing unbeatable archery skills by observing his guru Drona's teaching technique from a distance, was a Saura/Savara
  • In a Saura painting the border is drawn first, after which the interiors are filled, this is called the fish-net approach. 
  • Originally created on the inner walls of the Saora houses, these paintings or 'italons' were meant to appease the presiding deity, 'Edital' and deceased ancestors, and for superstitious purposes such as averting disease, preserve good harvest.
  • There is almost always, a house in an 'italon' or 'ittalan', that is, a Saura painting.

Browse some Saura paintings here.

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